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Snoring Mouthpieces For The Win

January 2, 2016

Most families include at least one person that snores. Sometimes they fall asleep on the couch during a television show and their thundering snore can be heard throughout the entire house. There are a lot of underlying reasons as to why people snore. People who are overweight, sleep-solutionssmoke or drinking heavily, or deal with excessive stress will snore at night. Even people who need to take medication just so that they can sleep at all will find themselves snoring.

The cause of most snoring is the fact that when the body is relaxed, the muscles relax. Your major muscle, your tongue, will fall back in your mouth and block the airways while you sleep. This is what causes the snoring sound we all know. If you live with someone who snores chances are you aren’t getting a great night’s sleep. If you are the snorer, you are also not getting a great sleep. A poor sleep is going to negatively impact the following day. It’s difficult to function when you don’t get your required rest. Your mind and your body need that time to reset and recharge.

If you’re making those lifestyle changes to improve your sleep and your life, you probably don’t want to wait very long. Lifestyle changes can take time and you want to make sure you have support from your family and friends to support you through this shift. In the meantime, you’ll need an aid. There are a lot of devices and gimmicks on the market that aim at helping you eliminate snoring. One of them, the ZQuiet mouthpiece, has a very comfortable design that can help immeasurably. The Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece, meanwhile, offers a different design that is effective for more snorers because it doesn’t hold the jaw in place.

Depending on your snoring issue you’ll want to choose a device that combats the problem right where it is. Mouthpieces work at the root of the issue. As mentioned before, most people snore because the tongue falls to the back of the throat. There are mouthpieces that have a bar in the centre of the piece that works to support the tongue or push it down and keep it pinned. There are even mouthpieces that work by suctioning the tip of your tongue and keeping it straight while you sleep. This prevents it from falling into the back of your throat and causing you to snore.

Mouthpieces are generally inexpensive devices that you can use every night. They are easy to clean and generally don’t need replacing more than 3 times a year. There are mouthpieces that come in various sizes so that you can choose the one that suits your mouth shape the best. Some of them are boil-and-bite which gets you to boil the plastic mouthpiece and then immediately bite into it so that it moulds to your unique mouth shape. This allows you personalization and helps your mouth get used to having a foreign object in it all night.

The thing to be very careful of are scams. There are scams that say they are selling you a high-grade anti-snoring mouthpiece yet when you receive it, it is only an athletic mouth guard. There is a large difference between an anti-snoring mouthpiece and an athletic guard. Mouthpieces also work by pushing your lower jaw forward so that your airways are clear when you’re sleeping. Mouth guards are generally thick and designed to protect your teeth from impact.

When compared to a chin strap or nasal strips that try to address snoring from the outside, you will find that mouthpieces are much better suited for the job. Nasal strips can fall off. If you aren’t careful, you could wake up with the chin strap around your neck. The worst thing that can happen with a mouthpiece is that you spit it out while you sleep.  Do your research and choose the option that’s best for you.

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