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A Great, Short Trip From Paris: Marrakech

November 26, 2015

Trip-From-ParisMarrakech is once again Morocco’s most sought-after city. It was, remember, hugely popular in the sixties and seventies, when it was known as the capital of hippiedom. (For verification, just listen to Crosby, Stills & Nash’s 1969 recording of “Marrakesh Express,” or rent the movie Hideous Kinky.) Real and faux bohemians of all stripes–including Talitha and Paul Getty and Yves Saint Laurent, who still has a house there–went for drugs and sex (and maybe for rock and roll too, although I doubt it; more likely they came for the richly flavored Moroccan food).

For those who knew it back then, Marrakech is not exactly what it used to be (oh, jaded travelers, is anything?), but that hasn’t stopped Morocco’s third-largest city from enjoying yet another favorable moment in the North African desert sun. This time around, Marrakech has become a popular weekend destination for Europeans. It always has been one for the French: after all, Morocco was a protectorate from 1912 to 1956, and French remains the …

Despite Terror, Paris Fashion Remains Robust

November 23, 2015

Untitled-1The specter of recent terror attacks might hang heavy in the air and global tourism might be on the wane. Still, most buyers shopping the spate of trade shows here following the runway collections this month said they would not cut their spending budgets for spring. Most opted for flat spending, a reflection of general economic uncertainty. Meanwhile, those who said they would boost their budgets stressed that customers continue to demand “special” and “unique” items. Top trends at the shows ranged from ultra-feminine looks and vintage silhouettes to ethnic embroidery. The following is a rundown on the action.

TRANOI & WORKSHOP: Most buyers expressed high spirits at the Tranoi apparel and accessories salon held at the Espace Austerlitz here Oct. 10 to 13. Vella Gonzalez, at the show buying for her Bilbao, Spain-based store Kalam, had upped her budget for spring by 10 percent compared with last year.

“War is not a problem,” she said. “We are [based] in Spain, so we’re not concerned.” “In periods …

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